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Yay! I have 500 medal points! For a kid who sucks at video games, this calls for a celebration!

Hey, I'm looking for somebody to do a short, 30-40 second synth solo for a techno song I'm making. I already have the background music and stuff like that already done, so if you're interested, leave a comment, and I'll pm you with more details.

-- Oobeedoopskadoobie

Yet Another Story!!

2009-12-31 16:03:06 by Oobeedoopskadoobie

Ah, I finished another story today, and put it up on my website. It's about a dude who gets trapped in an old coal mine, but he's not alone...
My website:

My new Website!

2009-12-16 20:19:49 by Oobeedoopskadoobie

Well, since I've tried and failed at animation, I've yet to come up with a submission-worth song, and I can't draw worth crap, I've decided to get into writing! I'm now a part of the writer's club, and since then, I have tripled my post count from 2 to 8! I've also made my own website where I'm going to showcase my works. you can view them here: <a> www.pagesofinsanity.webs.com please visit, and post a review here! :)

4000 medal points!!

2009-11-19 18:04:29 by Oobeedoopskadoobie

W00T! I got 4K medal points! If only they were actually worth something....

After playing Miami Shark, I just got 3000 medal points!! Yay me!

Well, the audio is getting out-of-synch with the video, and it works if I play it many, many times, but I'm worried if it will work on Newgrounds. So I am calling for the help of somebody. I am using Pencil on a mac osx, with a video that is 350+ frames, 7 fps, and not even fully done.... Crap, I got work to do...


2009-05-29 00:23:30 by Oobeedoopskadoobie

Flash is about 1/2 way done, was planning on finishing it, but I'm goin away tomarrow, so I can't work on it for the next 5 days... Expect the flash now sometime next friday...


Found a voice actor, and he was great, and now I'll be working on my flash, expect it sometime Friday.

I'm working on my first animation, and I am in need of some guy to do about 4 or 5 different voices. No experience required whatsoever, all you need is a microphone and my email address. Comment, or PM me to apply.